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Vinyl Siding

3 Reasons Vinyl Siding from Window World of New Orleans is Simply the Best

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Vinyl Siding that Adequately Protects Your Home

home with white vinyl siding and black shuttersSummer in New Orleans means many things. First, only a few months before college football reigns again. Second, endless hot, humid days spent by the water. Third, the ominous threat of hurricane season. Here at Window World of New Orleans, we’re ready to be your champion in all things New Orleans — good or bad.

Our commitment to you means we’re always thinking with your best interests in mind. And, with record-high temperatures, summer storms and hurricane threats lurking around the corner, we want to ensure your home is prepared to weather a New Orleans summer.

One aspect of your home’s exterior that requires special attention is your vinyl siding. When it comes to protecting your home, it is imperative that your vinyl siding is in good shape and lends itself to energy efficiency. Window World of New Orleans offers vinyl siding that not only meets rigorous industry standards, but also improves your home in aesthetics. See what sets our siding apart from our New Orleans competitors’:

3 Ways Window World Siding is Superior to Our Competitors

1. Its proven durability protects your home. Though our siding comes in variations of strength, all of our vinyl siding offers superior protection for your home. The 4000 series reinforced siding, in particular, has been tested to withstand wind, rain and other harsh conditions associated with category 5 hurricanes — an important characteristic in the Louisiana area.

2. It will help you save on your energy bills. The Prodigy® Insulated Wall System is equipped to keep your home resistant to unwanted temperature changes, making it difficult for cold air to permeate during winter months and warm air in summer months. Not to mention, it is moisture resistant, which is hugely helpful considering New Orleans is the 5th wettest city in the United States.

3. It’s customizable. Do you have a particular design in mind for your home? Your options are virtually unlimited when you install vinyl siding from Window World of New Orleans. Customize in strength, style and color to accurately reflect your personality. With us, the world is your oyster.

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Protecting your New Orleans home is not just important, it’s crucial. Don’t wait any longer to replace damaged vinyl siding, windows or doors. Contact Window World of New Orleans today for a free in-home estimate and start giving your home the updates it deserves!