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Shakes & ScallopsShakes Scallops Vinyl Siding

Add a fresh new look to your home!

Want to add a charming touch to your home? Consider adding Shakes or Scallops to your existing siding. Perfectly matched to the colors of your home, these detailed accents create an instant custom-craftsman look.

What are Shakes?

Window World Shakes

Do you recall seeing beachside homes with textured rustic siding? These days, it has become popular to add this look to homes of all styles. Window World Shakes will give your New Orleans abode a unique touch with minimal upkeep. Vinyl Shake material can be used as your full siding or just as an accent, and comes in a variety of colors.

What are Scallops?

Window World Scallops

Add the same type of elegance that was used on the historic Victorian homes with Window World Scallops. The rounded shingles can be added to your siding and come in a vast range of colors. Explore how scallops can create a new look and feel for your home.

Long lasting for years to come

Enjoy the beauty of shakes and scallops without all of the upkeep of sanding, painting and staining. Our panels are individually manufactured to resist fading and severe weather, so you can rest easy knowing that they are one less thing you will have to worry about. 

Window World Shakes and Scallops are backed by a lifetime, limited warranty.

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