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New Orleans Disaster Relief

For years, we have served New Orleans with high-quality products at the best prices. During that time, our bond with and pride for the community has fueled our desire to give back. That’s why we’re using our superior products and service to help rebuild our neighborhoods.

Storm Relief Window World of New Orleans

If you are in the New Orleans area and in need of flood relief, Window World of New Orleans is here for you. We have the replacement windows, doors and vinyl siding you need to restore your home. Watch this video to learn more:

  • Storm support – We are providing storm relief to our New Orleans neighbors in order to immediately serve those in need.
  • Rushed orders and delivery – We are providing rushed ordering and delivery for those affected by the storm. We are streamlining our estimate and delivery process so you can rebuild as soon as possible.
  • We have storm experience – We act fast and efficiently in storm situations because we have storm experience. We were here for Louisiana after Katrina, after Rita and after Gustav, and our qualified personnel are here now.

Avoid Storm Chasers!

Storm Chasers are people who use natural disasters for profit. Many are unqualified, untrustworthy and inexperienced. Here are 5 ways you can protect yourself:

  1. Avoid door-to-door solicitors – These drifter companies arrive at disaster sites and go door-to-door to make money off of storm victims in desperate need of relief.
  2. Don’t make upfront payments – Avoid complete payment for a project before it is completed.
  3. Check for insurance – Ensure the company’s liability and workers’ compensation insurance are both substantial enough to cover the job in question.
  4. Check for their contractor’s license – Contact your local licensing board and verify the contractor is operating under a valid, up-to-date license.
  5. Be present for all inspections – Do not let anyone inspect your property while you are not present. Some contractors have faked property damage to get more cash out of the customer.

We stand by you, New Orleans.

We must come together in this difficult time. Give us a call and we’ll expedite your delivery to help you get back to normal. Contact Window World of New Orleans today for immediate storm relief.

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