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Vinyl Soffit & Fascia in New Orleans

Time to add vinyl siding to your home? Our Soffit and Fascia will provide you with the durability you need and the style you want.

What are Soffit & Fascia?

If you go outside and look at your home, pay attention to the gap between your siding and your roofing. That is your Fascia. Right near that, you will see your Soffit, which is the exposed underside of your roof overhang.

Why do you need to care about either of of these? Because your Soffit and Fascia is what protects your roof and interior of your home from the harsh New Orleans weather.

Benefits of Soffit & Fascia

Get the look of wood without all the maintenance

While real wood accents on homes is gorgeous, it comes with a hefty price tag and even more maintenance. Get the look you want without all the hassle. You’ll notice that our vinyl Soffit embodies the beauty of wood, but is completely weather-resistant. And, our Soffit is so easy to care for, you will hardly have to maintain it!

Keep your attic cool and dry

Our Soffit ventilates your home, keeping your attic cool and dry through its continuous airflow through hidden aeration. While doing this, it gives your home and added touch of beauty, keeping up the curb appeal you work hard to maintain.

Built to last

It’s common for Soffit panels to sag or cup, which causes inefficiency and decreases your curb appeal. Our Soffit, however, withstands the test of time and holds up year after year in even the most severe New Orleans weather.

Choose your perfect design

When choosing accent pieces for your home, we know every detail matters. You’ve put a lot of work into making it look exactly how you want it, so we offer a wide array of colors to choose from to ensure a perfect match.

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